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"Three days off, hm?" Folding her arms in front of her chest, the silver haired student let out a small sigh as she let the weight of the words sink in. "Studying would be the responsible thing to do, I suppose…" but I’d rather not, she finished in her mind. Though she wasn’t completely opposed to studying, there were only so many free days the Class was allowed nowadays— and with everything going on, maybe a bit of relaxing wouldn’t be so bad? No one was asking her any favours, and all of her classes had been attended so… why not?

Of course, it was a nice thought.

The only problem now was making it happen.

         It hurt like hell the last time I lost you

                          [ a n d ]

                I don't wanna do that again.

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You dare lay a finger on even one of us?
                                                      Then you best prepare for a fight with all of us.


"How come it always gets quiet right when I return?" folding her arms over her chest, the silver haired student raised a brow ever so slightly.