"Let me give you a sweet back massage so you can relax. That’ll help me.”

"That doesn’t sound very productive towards you—” 

royalcerulean replied to your post:
"Of course not.." Grumbles.


"What can I do to help?"

royalcerulean whispered: "I have a headache."

Gently runs hand through his hair. “You need to rest more… Have you been getting enough sleep?” 

After The Storm


Nero mentally questioned whether or not he was supposed to feel relieved now that he had come to grips over a lost life. Because, well, he didn’t. The teen stared ahead of him now, even though there was nothing to focus on. Although breathing would be a good idea. If he didn’t, his lungs would suffer once more. “He taught me a lot of things,” he whispered, almost to himself.

Admiration for Credo was the norm during Nero’s childhood. To stand next to the man who was a brother to him, but not behind him due to their different point of views and opinions, was what the devil wanted. From the moment the lost knight began to train the ivory-haired male the ways of the sword, was when their oath to protect what was close to them began.

To know what value was and who to bestow it upon, was one of the many important things Credo had taught him, whether he knew it or not. Nero drew in a breath at the thought and felt the panic delve deep in his existence. Glancing at Seven every minute or so became a habit that didn’t last long. “I could never forget,” were the words that tumbled from his lips subconsciously.

Eyes stung again, causing the male to blink away whatever threatened his ability to see. The sudden pull of Seven surprised Nero, due to the fact that he was off his guard, both physically and emotionally. Even so, air returned to his lungs— and maybe a little too much at the time, because a sound that resembled a sob escaped his throat.

Arms returned the tight embrace and eyes were squeezed shut. “I—” Nero began, yet struggled due to another sob that escaped. “I didn’t even have the chance..” The tears streamed now, despite the fact that Nero didn’t want to cry. But he had lost all hope to stop it now. “I didn’t have the chance to thank him, or to even see him go,”

Voice was lathered in agony. Nero held Seven closer and hid his face from her view and struggled to keep the sobbing from escaping his mouth. The knight, without a doubt, cared for the silver haired female. Oh, how badly he wanted to tell her to stay by his side. How selfish it was of Nero. The thought only caused him to cringe and bury his face into her neck to refrain from asking such a request. I can’t.

To lose such an important person in his life never settled, and only time will tell when it will. “I can only hope that he’s in a better place..” the knight mumbled, weak from the pull of emotions. Perhaps letting those tears stream from his eyes did the male some good, because now he was exhausted and unfortunately, feeling hollow as well.

"I’m sorry, Seven," Nero apologized, pulling away just a tad from the female who comforted him greatly. His mouth was still open, as if to say more— to say the reason why he was sorry, though the words never formed and never left. Cerulean eyes that were filled with hurt could only stare into the eyes of the other. “Thank you..”

Seven listened intently to every word Nero had said. It was heartbreaking to see someone she cared about so much dealing with such an incredible amount of pain. After being taught time and time again about the crystals being good for the world so everyone wouldn’t have to go through the pain of remembering those who were lost, now she almost found herself grateful for the first time in her life. So badly wishing she could take away all the pain he was so clearly dealing with, all she could think to do was hold him tighter.

Unsure of how long they’d been in their positions, the silver haired female continued to rub gentle soothing circles into the other’s skin as she kept him close. “I’m sure he is,” she responded to his statement, though it was a subject she struggled with greatly. Always wanting to believe there was a place for the people who have died, Seven hoped it was true for Nero’s friend and all of the companions she’d lost even though she couldn’t remember their faces.

As Nero pulled away from her a slight bit, Seven took the opportunity to quick wipe away the stray tear that landed on her cheek from her own eyes. No reason to worry him— he’d been through enough today already. Leaning forward to place a quick kiss on his forehead, the student placed a soft hand on his cheek, offering a small smile. “You don’t have to thank me,” she replied, voice somewhat hoarse from keeping in all of the intense emotions that had overwhelmed her.

“Come on, let’s get you out of there.” Brushing the bangs out of Nero’s face, Seven kept a soft smile to hopefully comfort the other. “It’s going to start getting cold and we don’t need you getting sick again, hm?” Gently pulling away from her spot on the floor, the student stood, turning around to find some sort of towel to toss at him. Finding one placed on the counter, she patted it and turned to face Nero once again. “Get dried off and we can go relax for a bit, okay?”

Inching towards the door, the silver haired teen ran one of her hands through her hair, noticing the sleeves of her jacket were definitely wet. “I’m going to get changed, you come out when you’re ready.” Hand reaching out to turn the door knob, Seven turned to look over her shoulder just one more time before she left.

She wanted to say a lot of things— A lot of things that were running through her mind. Anything to make it better. But there was one thing at the forefront of her mind that threatened to bubble up as she looked at him. It made her chest feel tight, heat rushing to her cheeks as she detoured her thoughts instead. “I— I’ll see you soon.”

And out the door she went.  

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shoves a little.

glares at

kisses cheek 

royalcerulean whispered: "kiss me bby, i'm crazy for u."

thinks about it. “noh”




Surprise flickered briefly in his eyes, not having expected such a bold remark— certainly not here.

"We’re still on public property…" He murmured with the barest hint of a warning, wondering to what extent she might be suggesting, well, anything


"It’s your office,” she reasoned, lips tugging into a playful smirk. They had yet to be interrupted, and few held a key to the office outside the commander himself.

"Where’s ‘yer sense of adventure?”


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"I, well.. Yes, I was," he replied, not noticing the fact that he completely gave himself away. The next question from Seven left a nervous smile on Ace’s lips. "Well.." he said with genuine thought, but noticed that the female had continued on with her side and then gave herself away. The blond cast his view down to the floor. “… Seems like the cat is out of the bag,” Ace sighed, on behalf of the two of them. “I went to visit a girl named Kairi,” the student answered slowly.

"Who’s this ’him' you went to visit..?”

"Kairi," Seven repeated, eyes now dropping towards the ground following suit of her friend. The name didn’t ring any bells, considering she herself had been meeting with someone off of academy grounds, the confession shouldn’t have been so surprising. "I don’t think I’ve ever heard of her before," she continued, placing a hand on her hip. "She’s not from here, is she?” Here referring to Rubrum. All of Orience, even.

As for him. 

"Nero. His name is Nero.." Voice going quiet as she spoke his name, it felt foreign on her tongue though she’d said it many times before. Only Sice knew, so far, and it almost felt good getting it off her chest— Especially to someone who had apparently been going through the same thing… 

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        Just because your pain is
        u n d e r s t a n d a b l e
        doesn’t mean your behavior is
        a c c e p t a b l e