Rainy Days



I insist,” Nero replied once the female told him that there was no need for him to repay her. Amused eyes watched her reaction once he had kissed her neck gently. “Oh?” he chuckled once he felt Seven’s body press against his more. The sight of her squeezing her eyes shut set his body on fire, almost immediately. What could be on her mind? Nero wondered if she noticed how fast her breathing had picked up.

"Rest?" Nero leaned his head away from her neck after she had released his hand and lifted a brow. "I know I don’t look too hot right now, but rest can wait later.." His sentence drifted off after she turned around to face him. Seven’s violet eyes were just as beautiful and mesmerizing as ever. The devil saw the reflection of himself from her eyes and it was no wonder she was telling him to rest. He still looked sick and he had a very small bruise on his cheek from earlier.

The eye contact broke once she had placed a hand on his arm to lightly push him back, but he only took hold of her hand once more. “Wanna rest with me then?” he asked and only pulled her towards him again. This is getting interesting. The knight took a step backwards, no longer in the kitchen, but in the hallway instead and kept her close. “How ‘bout it, babe?”

"You’re so dead set on putting me to sleep, but I’m dead set on repaying ya,” the devil whispered, leaning close enough for their foreheads to touch again. Cerulean eyes could only be locked with Seven’s, making sure that she knew that he was serious. Cupping her chin with his left hand, the teen made sure she could see his face. “I like returning favors.” With that, his lips pressed against hers this time, locking them in place while he used his right hand to press her lower back so that there was no space to spare between them.

As Nero took hold of her hand once more and pulled her in closer than before, Seven found a mischievous smirk forming on her lips. “You’re not going to make this easy, are you,” she stated, a thin brow raising while she held eye contact with the other. If he was going to be difficult about it, then she certainly would too.

From the look in his eye, he was dead set on doing the repaying, which caused her mind to run into strategy mode. “If you’re so dead set on repaying me, you could start by getting your stubborn ass over to the couch,” feeling her head tilt slightly upwards as he placed his hand under her chin, Seven barely had time to make another remark before his lips collided with hers.

It took her by surprise for only a mere second before she found herself giving in to the kiss. Even though he’d been so cold before, his mouth was warm against hers, which had to be a good sign. Placing her hands on his chest as he brought her closer, her fingers gripped at the fabric, pushing Nero back with a bit of force. Without breaking contact, she pushed him back until he hit the wall behind him, sure by the sound of his back making contact with it.

Pulling away from the other only a slight bit, Seven’s violet eyes snapped open to meet his piercing blue ones once again. “As much as I’d love to continue all of this, don’t you think moving to the living room might be a good idea?” she asked, her voice soft and slightly out of breath. If she could get him to the other room, at least he’d be sitting down rather than standing up— That was the goal at least.

Just by looking at his face, she could tell he still wasn’t feeling well— And although all of the gestures were nice, she still didn’t want him to get even more sick by straining himself. Tilting her head only a slight bit, the females voice grew quiet, barely a whisper. “Please?” Slowly sliding her hands upwards from their place on his chest, she loosely wrapped her arms around his neck, keeping eye contact.

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Rainy Days



"What do you mean, what am I doing?” Nero asked back in wonder. It was as if she was blushing at the very sight of him— well, she was, but the thing that made Nero wonder was why so. It wasn’t the first time she’s seen him this bare, but he had to remind himself again that they were completely sober and that she’s not gonna run off and pass out in the bathroom like the time they got drunk together.

The smile turned into a small amused grin at the sight of her reaction. He felt a little bad for teasing her like this, but it wasn’t even intentional. The sound of beeping caught his attention too, causing him to look over his shoulder for the source. “Get what—” the knight began to question until the sweater was forced onto his chest. “Whoa,”

"Hey, slow down?" Nero suggested after the female had accidentally bumped into his bare side. She’s really flustered, he thought and continued to watch Seven stride out of the room and into the hallway. I gotta thank her for all she’s done somehow. With a shrug, the teen closed the door of his room and began to dress into clean, warm clothes. A sigh of relief escaped his lips and he allowed himself to feel comfortable since the rain and the shower made his skin feel awful awhile ago. The sweater was a great idea.

Once he was all good to go, the male decided to leave the room in lazy strides. “Yeah, tea sounds really nice right now.” he said, followed by a loud yawn. Being sick and exhausted was never a fun combo, but Nero was determined to stay awake for Seven. The devil leaned against the wall and watched her silently from behind, wondering what she was thinking about.

He let out a loud sigh and walked toward Seven, taking the cup of tea that she held in her hands and placed it onto the counter in front of them. “Tea is nice, but it can wait.” the devil whispered quietly into her ear and took one small step closer, just so that their bodies were lightly touching. “How do you think I should thank you for tonight?” he asked, just as quietly as before and allowed his lips to lightly graze the skin below her ear and down to her neck.

No doubt it’ll get hearts racing. Eventually his lips found their way planted onto the corner of the base of her neck and his left hand winded into her own, gripping them gently. Cerulean eyes couldn’t look away from her pale, smooth skin and the soft scent of her was just as irresistible. A mere breath out was all that was given as Nero waited for Seven’s move.

Happy to hear that the tea was a good idea, Seven let out a small sigh of content, placing her hands on the counter. “It’s gonna start getting cold soon,” she stated, hearing footsteps coming from down the hall. “Should help warm you up, and hopefully you’ll be able to rest better after—” Stopping mid sentence, the teen held her breath suddenly feeling another presence close to her.

"What—?" she stammered, blinking as she watched the mug she had been holding being taken and placed further away onto the counter. Choosing to stay silent for the time being, Seven found herself staring at the space in front of her as she felt the other move closer to the point of their bodies touching. Her heart was beating so loud and fast in her chest, she could swear he would’ve been able to hear it by standing so close.

At his question, Seven opened her mouth to reply but instead only found herself at a loss for words as she felt his lips gently placed on her neck. It sent a shiver down her spine causing her to lean into the other involuntarily as she struggled to find her words again. "You don’t have to thank me for anything," she replied quietly, tightly squeezing the hand that intertwined with her own.  

You’re driving me crazy, she added in her mind, tightly closing her eyes as she attempted to center herself. What a silly question that was to ask her, of course she would help him whenever he needed and there was no need to thank her for anything— But apparently he didn’t seem to think that was the case.

All she could hear was her heart beating wildly in her ears, struggling to find words in her head. “You should be resting, you know,” after letting go of the hand she was holding, Seven turned around to face him, quickly realizing how close they were still standing next to each other. She was pretty much cornered between the counter and him, left only to look directly into his blue eyes. Finding herself holding her breath again, she placed a hand on his arm gripping it with a gentle push as to signal him to get moving to go rest without breaking eye contact. 


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Rainy Days



Eyes only half lidded now, Nero found himself leaning against the wall of the shower for support. I didn’t think it’d be this bad, he thought in wonder and decided it would be best if he stayed the way he was. It was somewhat rare for the male to get sick, but if anyone thought about the situation, it would be understandable. Being out in the rain for such a long time and being drenched to the bone would make anyone at least a little sick. Though he did wonder if Seven got sick since she had missions out in.. Byakko. The name was foreign to Nero’s head. 

He had no idea how long he was dazing at the tiles, but he broke out of that trance once he heard the sounds of pots and pans being moved around. Good luck trying to find what you’re looking for in those cabinets, Nero thought. I don’t exactly keep everything organized around here. The air was a tad difficult to keep in his lungs due to how hot the water was. Even though steam filled the room, it was far better than being stuck out in the cold rain.

The knight’s attention turned to the door once he heard Seven speak from the hallway. “Shit! You’re right!” He hadn’t noticed the fact that he didn’t even bring any clothes with him. Wiping the new coat of water from his face once more, he answered Seven’s question. “Uh,” he began. “just bring me whatever you can find, I don’t really care,” the knight called back. Hopefully Seven could hear him through the hissing of the shower.

If it weren’t for Seven, Nero would probably still be on the floor with his wet clothes sticking to his skin. Can’t make her do everything, now can I? It was decided that he would get his clothes instead. Nero turned the knob to end the shower and immediately wrapped a towel around his waist and made sure it was secure. Instead of drying his hair properly first, the knight was already out the door of the bathroom and out onto the hallway.

Once he scanned the empty hallway for Seven, it became clear that she had already found her way into his bedroom. “Sorry for makin’ you mother me, princess.” he said while walking in himself. “I’m not normally this reckless with myself.” The teen pushed his wet bangs from his eyes first, then placed a hand on Seven’s shoulder to ensure her that he’ll take care of the rest.

It was better to make it quick. After all, he just got out of the shower without drying himself off and if he got anymore cold, he’d get more sick. There was no saying how he looked now, but the knight had no doubts that he probably looked worse since he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror before leaving the bathroom. Face completely flushed. After gathering his clothes, Nero turned his attention to Seven and smiled wickedly. “Gonna watch me dress?” 

Hearing a slightly muffled reply coming from the bathroom, Seven turned to look back at the bedroom. She had no idea where to begin to look for clothes for Nero, not even knowing what he wanted to wear in the first place. Glancing around the room, she noticed a dresser, and on top of it was what looked like some sort of sweater. “Probably a good idea to keep warm,” she mumbled to herself as she walked over to grab it from it’s place.

Head snapping towards the direction of the door, the teen’s violet eyes widened as she saw the other standing in the doorway. “What are you doing?” she asked, stammering in the process. He seemed to have just waltzed right into the bedroom without even drying himself off, clearly evident by the water dripping off of his hair. As he placed a hand on her shoulder, Seven felt herself tense up a bit, still slightly shocked and more than a little flustered.

Quickly turning her gaze from looking at the other to the sweater she held in her hands, she shoved it towards him, pressing it against his chest with a slight bit of force. “Here, you should wear something warm,” she explained, hesitating to meet his eyes. “If you cool down too quickly you could get even more sick.”

"I—" Before Seven could begin to reply to his question, a beeping from elsewhere in the house could suddenly be heard. Crap, “I have to go get that,” In attempt of a quick escape, the teen accidentally bumped into Nero’s side causing her face to flush even more than it had been. “You just get some warm clothes.”

Bringing a hand up to her forehead as she walked down the hall towards the kitchen, Seven shook her head rapidly in attempt to get herself together. It was ridiculous how flustered she’d become because of something so little. It really wasn’t such a big deal and she knew it, yet for some reason it made her embarrassed. Placing her hands on the counter for a moment, she took a deep breath.

“I hope you like tea,” she said loud enough for Nero to hear from the other room. Grabbing the kettle off of the counter, Seven took the mug she’d found in the cabinets and poured the steaming hot water, followed by the small tea bag which slowly sunk to the bottom. 

The motions reminded her of all of the times she’d returned from a mission. It was easy to make and had a calming effect on her and a few of the others, which was extremely helpful considering their jobs, and it was always good after a long day. Thinking about Nero being out in the cold rain for that long made her shiver, holding the cup in between the palms of her hands for the warmth she didn’t really need. Hopefully this will help warm him up. 

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Rainy Days



The male chuckled at Seven’s reaction to his smirk. It was fun picking at her like this, but as always, he didn’t mean any harm. He was pretty sure she knew that. Though when she asked about the layers of clothing he wore, Nero was glad that he actually had an answer for it. A legitimate one at that. “Sorry babe, can’t cut down on these layers.” he began, touching the hand that ran through his hair softly. “I’m gonna steal some of your warmth here. My hands are cold.”

"I don’t always wear this much layers of clothing, but for the most part, I kind of have to. It ain’t exactly a pretty trip going to Lamina Peak and Fortuna castle. Even in the Mitis Forest there’s extreme weathers.” he explained while Seven peeled off the coat from his arms. “It’s cause of the lame demons that like to make those places their homes though.” the teen said with a nod.

It was extremely unexpected of the female to help him take off the navy blue muscle shirt. Or was it? Nero wasn’t so sure himself, causing him to only make a sound of hesitation. He couldn’t really stop her of course— she seemed so dead set on getting the drenched clothing off of his skin as soon as possible. This isn’t the first time she’s seen you like this, the devil thought to himself, despite the fact that he was still a little nervous about her seeing his arm now that he thought about it. Just that thought caused him to bring his demonic limb closer to his side. But this time we’re not drunk.

That seemed to be the least of her concern though. Her eyes were completely glued on him for how long? Nero didn’t know, but he knew it was on him for awhile. The knight took Seven’s hands and gave her a devilish smile. “Like what you see?” he asked quietly before pressing his forehead against hers for a moment and placed his hand under her chin. A few seconds passed before he turned away and sauntered off to the bathroom, unbuckling his belt during the process.

"I’ll go ahead and take that shower now. Go ahead and make yourself comfortable or something, alright princess?" he said, continuing to undress from the rest of his clothes now that he was in the bathroom. "Thanks again for lookin’ out for me!" he called out so Seven would hear. There was no doubt that Nero was sick. He felt as if he was burning up, yet his skin was still cold and he was seeing double. Not a good sign.

Before he could collapse or something of the sort, Nero made sure he was in the shower. The water almost felt scalding even though it was probably a moderate temperature. Cerulean eyes stared ahead while he concentrated on staying conscious. “What a pain in the ass,” the knight said as he used his left hand to wipe the water from his face.

"Mm, aren’t you lucky," Seven replied, referring to the fact that he got to wear more layers when traveling to colder areas. Taking his hand into her own, she squeezed it gently, noticing how cold it was. "There’s a place I’ve been to missions on, it’s called Byakko. There’s tall mountains and it’s almost always snowy and extremely cold.. Unfortunately, whenever we go, there’s no time to bundle up. I’ve never been so cold before in my life," she explained with an unimpressed expression. "I don’t know about you, but I’m not particularly fond of the cold…"

Noticing a slight shift in posture, the teen noticed Nero had seemed to pull his arm closer to his body after she removed the final piece of clothing. She had a feeling he probably felt a little weird about her seeing it so exposed, but in all honesty it didn’t bother her one bit. If anything, she’d gotten so used to it that it didn’t even cross her mind anymore. She didn’t say anything of it, not feeling like it was much of an issue.

As Seven held out her hands for the other, she waited for him to take them to pull himself up, and as expected, of course he had to say something. It was bad enough her cheeks were already flushed with a hint of pink, but now having him so close, surely it wouldn’t go unnoticed. Violet eyes locked with his blue ones as she furrowed her brows in mock annoyance. “You’re ridiculous” she said, giving him a slight shove on the shoulder. He would be the death of her, and she knew it.

Watching as he walked away, the silverette stood in her place attempting to get a grip of herself before making her next move. Usually she was extremely composed and calm as everyone knew her to be, but there was just something about this guy that caused her to become flustered in merely an instant. Such a strange feeling she’d never had to deal with before. She silently hoped she wasn’t making too much of a fool of herself.

As she turned on her heel to head towards the kitchen, she heard Nero thanking her from down the hallway. It caused a small smile to form on her lips as she made her way, deciding it would probably be a good idea to make him some tea. Searching the cabinets for the items she needed, it didn’t take long to find everything and put it in place. Using the tap on the kitchen sink to fill the kettle with water, Seven placed it carefully on the counter and plugged it in, waiting for it to come to a boil.

Standing there waiting, it occurred to her that the other teen hadn’t brought any warm clothes into the bathroom with him. That would probably help, she sighed. “Hey, you forgot to bring some warm clothes in,” she shouted down the hall over the sound of the shower running. Deciding to leave the kettle where it was to boil the water, she made her way down the hall towards his bedroom, gently pushing the door open. It wasn’t exactly something she wanted to do, rummaging through his things to find clothes. But in this situation it almost called for it, and there was no way he was getting back into his wet ones."What clothes do you want?" she asked, voice loud so he could hear her. 

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